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Good Show Recommendations?

I posted a few hours ago about a guy following me home to verbally attack me and threaten me. I am still really freaked out, and need some help finding a good, lighthearted show to help ease my mind so I can sleep.

I want something funny, where the characters are good people. (Think Parks and Rec humor, not Always Sunny in Philadelphia humor.) Preferable something available on Netflix instant, though I'm not above finding a shady source if the show is good enough.

Basically, I want something funny enough to help me forget that I put myself in danger tonight solely by being a woman outside by herself. (Also, I left my ipod in my car on my rush to get inside. It will be dead if I don't get it, but I am afraid to go out in the dark to my car. Grrr, what do I do?)


Edited to say that all your comments have made me realize that I watch WAY too much tv. Because I've seen most of the shows you're recommending already. But, that just means you all watch too much tv, too, plus we all have fabulous taste in shows.

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