Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Do any of you lovely Jezzies have good recommendations for places, especially online, to get decent, cheapish furniture? I'd like that dreamy mix of, it doesn't look cheap but doesn't cost a bundle. I don't want the particle board bookcase for 20 dollars, or the teak mahogany one for 500 dollars, but I'll take your nice, mostly wood bookcase from Target for 100, you know? I'm not buying heirlooms but I'm not outfitting my dorm room, either.

So far I've been searching for a few pieces, especially chairs, a dresser, a bed, nightstand, table at the following places:

Cost Plus World Market
Joss and Main
Local thrift/secondhand stores


But I'm wondering if you guys know of any other great places! The ones above have stuff in my price range but nothing I'm super in love with yet so I'm looking to expand my selection options!

ETA: You're all being so helpful and full of good ideas, I also want to put a picture of my couch up and see if any of you have helpful decorating ideas for chairs to go with it! It's a slightly darker grey than it seems in this picture, and it is ina room with a darker teal type walls. Note: Do not be fooled by the price, I got it for $250 only, it was the dreamiest deal I've ever had.

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