So, the posts that I've been reading most on GT have been kind of heavy identity politic type stuff, we've had some trolls popping up and people have been dealing with very serious issues, so I thought I'd post some lighter things because I've been having a good day after a long slump.

—Have you ever had a pretty day? It's the off season for me and I've been spending a lot of time just sort scrubb'n around the house. I've been feeling shitty about my body and a little manish and unfeminine about my looks too. But, today when I catch myself in the mirror I feel really pretty and feminine. I just look good to myself today. Anyone else get days like that?

—Like I said in my window/aisle seat post, I'm traveling tomorrow. I'm flying east to the furthest point I've ever traveled west, so that means I will have officially traveled half way around the world. My job is often difficult and frustrating. There are a lot of parts that aren't as glamorous as you would imagine, but then there are times that are so fucking cool that I can hardly believe that I get to live them. I feel like a total badass right now, you guise.

—I found a cute shirt at target.