Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’ll start:

- Game of Thrones is back! Fuck yeah!

- I successfully fought my way out of a *ludicrous* $600 “security deposit” that was being billed to me by the electric company for my condo under the first bill back in my name after The Tenant from Hell* basically ruined the last year of my life and skipped on a $1,000+ power bill at the end of her lease (that debt will follow her, not me, BTW). They tried to argue that it was based on my “payment history” (nope, try again) or my credit (which is sterling) then went on a vague tangent about how they assess them “sometimes” (their web site lists a cap far below $600, though). Anyway, after two weeks of “reviewing my request”, I called this morning and the balance owed was *just* for the actual electricity charge. I’ve been walking around feeling like “Success Kid” ever since.


- I am currently listening to the “Legend” soundtrack (yes, the cheesy ‘80s Tom Cruise movie). Whatever happened to Tangerine Dream?

* I could go on and on about what a nightmare she was but that has no place in a “Good Stuff” thread.

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