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Good things 10/9

*taps mic* Ehrm, excuse me.. is this thing on?

Hi y’all, happy (?) Monday! I thought I’d chime in with today’s good things post, primarily because I want to brag about prior good things and never got a chance, and now new good things are scheduled so! Here goes:

1. We got this lovely adorable sweet lady onto a clinical trial for post-surgery breast cancer and she got randomized to the experimental arm (tl;dr: she got the study drug that wouldn’t be available to her otherwise [bc insurance won’t cover it] and we think she really could benefit from it) and she was so happy she got it and I’m crossing all my appendages that it works for her.


2. My absolute favorite crazy patient is coming in tomorrow and he is still kicking ass and taking names (and riding his bike TWO HOURS to his appts and back). I love him.

3. Nothing else, really, I have my mental Rolodex of my favorite patients (i.e. all of them) and I’m keeping tabs and making sure they show up and get their study treatment and praying that they all become the perfect patient that their doctors then write case studies about how miraculous they are in the NYT.

I love my job.

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