Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good Things 11/04/17

I got rid of at least 80% crap in the bedroom (the 20% are what’s in the wardrobe) and next is the kitchen (fortunately only few things).

Looked through old school stuff, found many treasueres (that I threw away anyway, but I had many good laughs), found an ear ring that belongs to my mom and she couldn’t believe it had been in that random box all the time.
Next is the hallway and calling so bulk garbage gets collected aka too many Billy shelves (3).
But for now it’s sitting in the kitchen, listening to Moonspell and being happy that I can be semi-grumpy all over the place without having to explain myself (family dispute, but nothing serious).
Also very much looking forward to all the art finally getting a place on my walls. They only have to get framed and I might do that next week.

What’s good today for you?


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