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What’s good near YOU tonight, GT?

Big things, Small ones, lemonade-out-of-lemons type things?

One, Many, a handful?

What was good around YOU today?

Mine are small and dog-related.

1. My former roommate still has the metal kennel she wanted to sell (it’s nearly new), and she told me she’s asking $80.00 for it... so Lily is getting a like-new kennel tomorrow.


2. I am EXTREMELY thankful for understanding roommates!🤗

Tonight, I came home to discover that my dog was a COMPLETE ASSHOLE today. She chewed the bottom foot and a half off of, or chewed up parts of NINE of my roomnate’s vertical blinds.

And my new roommie was cool about it (obviously I told him i will replace them!!)

3. I’m also REALLY grateful for my work & degree field, because with Lily being a total BUTT right now,** at least I will be able to get to the bottom of her behavior without needing to hire an outside behavior analyst.


My SPED degree will literally have the phrase “...Behavioral Analyst” in it after I graduate, and I’m in a class on developing functional behavioral analyses *right now.* So I WILL be able to get to the bottom of why she’s acting like a butt the last couple days, and *can* change her behavior. (I figure out the “whys” of behaviors in non-verball kiddos alllll the time at work, and that’s part of the reason Lil is typically so well-behaved—I see the things that are potential triggers & eliminate them before they can become issues, both for my kiddos, AND for her😉)

Also, SHE’s ok! She doesn’t appear to have eaten much of the plastic—she never does, she’s not *that kind* of chewer, thankfully.


**this behavior is 100% NOT her typical. She has had exactly *two* incidents of chewing “inappropriate items” before—both when she was under 2 years old (and she’s 9 now!) One was a sweatshirt she slept on at night when she was a weepup, and the other was a hole in the arm of a sofa, when her kennel was accidentally left touching it by our cleaning lady.

But Lily chewed 5 blinds yesterday, and another 4 today.😳😖😫 (Also partly MY fault, because I forgot to close *both* door locks on the kennel this morning when I put her in—because her whole life, I’ve only ever needed to use the top one.)

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