Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good Things 11/30/17

Hiya GT, we all know some horrible things are going down lately, but there IS good in the world, too.

And if i’m going to make it to & through my class tonight, without turning into a blubbering puddle of goo at the current awfulness, i need to find & focus on a bit of that good.


I suspect there are other folks around here feeling similarly, so...

What’s been GOOD around you today, GT?

Big things?

Small ones?

Heck, we’ll even take (and celebrate!) Mediocre/Not Awful ones😉

Whatcha got?

One bit of wonderful that came across my twitter feed (Max is 25, and has developmental disabilities)😁💗💖:


(Edited for typos!)

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