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Good Things, 12/20/17

Alright GT, we know what’s WRONG in the world lately*

But what’s GOOD?

What good things have you seen, or learned of, or passed by, or done lately?

Share, if you will, what’s GOOD in your little corner of this crazy little ball hurtling through space & time🙂


Big things, small ones, many, few, significant or not, please come share what you’ve experienced that was good recently😉

For me, this tweet, because in a day of some pretty shitty national news, it provided a much-needed laugh!😆🤣😂

Editing to add a bit of AWESOME, i HIGHLY recommend that y’all listen to the “This is me” song in the upper link of this article, and ABSOLUTELY recommend y’all listen to/watch the other video! The article is pretty darn awesome, too😉


(YES, i know 5+ minutes IS a lot to ask, DOOOOO IIIITTT!!!😉 The chior is AMAZEBALLS together, THIS is the kind of magic that happens rarely in theater, AND THEY CAUGHT IT ON CAMERA!😉😍🤗)


(*SOOOOOOO many AWFUL things!!!😕)

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