Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I whine a lot. I know. (Seriously, why if I order 4 things from a store do they ALWAYS arrive in at least 3 different shipments on different days???) However, I occasionally kick myself in the pants to remind myself that life is pretty good in quietandfierce’s world.

A few of the good things from today:

Coffee - blessed espresso roast fancy coffee

Fresh fruit - always available at my local market, and I can afford to buy it

A job - not only do I have one, but I like it, and it pays well

Wine - tonights selection a merlot/cabernet blend

My cat - sprawled out asleep in my lap

Air conditioning - it is hot as blazes here, and that artificial cold blast is a gift from the gods


Law and Order reruns - Lenny for life!

What little, or big, things have made your day a little better today?

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