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Good Things, 2/19/17

Hi GT, we haven’t had a GT/GT post in a few days, so i’m here to ask, What went WELL for you over the last while?

Big, Small, as always, we will celebrate them ALL!😆🤗😉

For me, one was catching Snap Judgement on my MPR station last night, as i was driving home from getting my roommie birthday goodies from the “Fancy French Bakery” last night.


It was an absolute tearjerker.

(I mean it literally—i was TOTALLY ugly-crying in my car by the end of it!)

But the story was AMAZING, and the love that Alvin and his wife had (and in Alvin’s case—that he still HAS), was the sort that is STILL making me weepy this morning, as i’m writing this


My second is that i can have this for breakfast 😉 (i obviously also got myself something from the fancy French bakery—it’s called a Passion Cake, that top layer is a passion fruit curd, and the cake inderneath is a coconut-cake shell filled with a vanilla mousse😆):


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