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Good Things, 5/16/17

Howdy GT, what’s been good lately?

For me:

1. With my car: even though i heard awful noises & had vibrating in my steering wheel & gas pedal, i made it home (about 20-25 miles), and was able to have her checked out by my mechanic. Turns out i broke the ends off my sway bar, and lost some chunks out of the center of my rotor.


Gonna cost a bit over $400.00.

BUT i got lucky, because it WASN’T my wheel bearings yet, AND i made it all the way home and to the shop, so no tow bill either!😁

And my other bit of AWESOME for today, is that i got the final grade for one of my two classes, and i did WAY better than i thought!!🤗

I had been having computer problems mid-semester, didn’t manage to get ‘em fixed in time, and ended up just skipping that paper entirely. (Warned my teacher ahead of time, and he was willing to give me an extension, but i just took a hit on the points, because i couldn’t get my laptop working).


My scores on my other papers were perfect, so i figured i could probably swing a B or maaaybe a B+

And i ended up with a A-!!!😁🤗😀

WAY better than i expected, amd TOTALLY making my day🙌💃🤗

I know much of the outside world is a festering boil on a baboon’s butt, but what’s been GOOD for You today?


Big things, tiny things, we will celebrate ANYTHING that’s happy & good!😉

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