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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good Things? (And OT)

Hiya All,

I know there was a good things post not too long ago, buuuuut with this election cycle, the fact that it’s the two-year anniversary of another young black man being shot, and—on a much more personal note (and therefore a TOTALLY inane reason for the rest of y’all!), it appears that my car is breaking AGAIN* , I need to hear about SOME (ANY!!!) good out there in the world...


So open topic thread for most folks, and for any of y’all who feel like participating in a silly task—what are 3 good things you’ve seen, heard about, or experienced lately?

I’ll start:

1. I was able to get a loaner from my regular shop, when I brought my car in, and only got to work ONE hour late, instead of missing work entirely.


2. Elizabeth Warren ROCKS!

3. This sweet story on one of the Bronze-medal winning swimmers from China: (apologies if the formatting is odd, I can’t seem to get the link to fit right here, it’s dropping to the end!)


*(this week it’s the transmission!😨😂😢😢😢😢 I STILL owe & am trying to scrape together the funds to pay my regular shop for the repairs they did 2 weeks ago, when it broke the day before Dad was taken to the hospital😜😓😔. Now I’m at the point of alternately wanting to cry, because I have zero idea how I’m gonna fix her if my warranty won’t pay once they know how bad things are, and just being numb about another bill I can’t really afford right now. I missed 5 different work shifts between my 2 jobs when dad was in the hospital, so my next paychecks’ll be small.)

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