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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good things for a Monday Thread?

What good things are happening for you today? Let’s have some good things! It’s a Monday!

I’m at work. It’s Monday. I didn’t want to come in and now I’m on break from doing nothing because my boss has been sick and I’m waiting on him for about a million-and-one-projects that will rain down on me all at once. BUUUUUUT... good things:

1. I’m 8-10 weeks away from the delivery of my baby and she’s doing swell. I’m still fairly miserable but I can do this for another few weeks.

2. My baby showers are happening and I’m incredibly touched by how many people have reached out to me. My mom was adamantly trying to stop me from having one and claimed “no one would come” so she tried to stop my local in-laws from throwing me one. It was a cluster. But they are throwing me one and I am so happy. People are coming from all over to shower our kid. And here I was worried my husband’s Catholic family would frown on our blended family (this is his 3rd, my first) but I am always surprised by their love and compassion unlike my Catholic family which has none :/


3. My freezer is full of meals. I cooked like a BOSS this weekend from scratch. We have so much food. We are ready for this baby.

4. I’m getting my hair did tonight. CAN NOT WAIT. Gonna get me some starbucks and cruise on over because I deserve that.

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