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Good Things & Funny things, 4/18/17

Today, brought to you courtesy of the comments “Property Brothers” post over on the mainpage in which, true to almost every good Kinja HGTV post, eventually winds up with a “Tiny House/Tiny Hpuse Hunters— WTF?!?!” thread...

In the spirit of the giggles i got laughing at* that thread, What has been making YOU laugh today GT, and/or what’s good for/on/near you?😉

(*And commenting on how SO often when i’d catch it, it was invariably a family of 85 where one of the parents was *thrilled* at the idea of “getting back to the basics with another parent who was a little more (ok a LOT more!) skeptical of the idea. OR the person who was *SO dissappoint* because the dipdoodle wanted a “cute little house” which just happened to include a master-bath with a soaking tub😆🤣😂)

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