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We haven’t done one in a few days, so “What have you seen that’s good/uplifting lately, GT?”

For me, one that made me laugh ‘til i coughed* was this tweet, in response to one by racist dick Richard B. Spencer (btw, has ANYONE else noticed the man has BS *right inside* his twitter handle?😆🤣😂)...

As someone who has initials which can make a similar phrase, i am VERY conscious about making sure that the way i write things does NOT make a public mockery of me... buuuut maybe dude figures “I’m ALREADY a Nazi” so he doesn’t care? I dunno🤔


Chris Mack was tweeting in response to this one by RichardBSpencer, via Patrick Monahan😂:

Seeing racists mocked in CLEVER ways alllllways makes me smile😁

And the OTHER thing i’m loving today is that i’ve had the full day off. I need to go somewhere today with wifi, to go do homework, but otger than that, an entire day of being a bum🤗


So, Whatcha got, GT?

What’s made YOU happy lately?🤗

*i have something that seems to have settled into my lungs, since last week’s “Roommate Smoking Pot” incident.😒😬😒 (this is the other reason the inside-smoking makes me SO angry, she smokes inside, I GET SICK within the week😒😛😝)


I didn’t manage to call my new insurance’s phoneline during “office hours” last week, and that means i haven’t gone in to Urgent Care, either, because i can’t afford ANOTHER bill that doesn’t get covered by them (had it happen in January, when the county said “You have coverage,” but the State folks decided i *didn’t*...

So i’ve gotta wait ‘til at least tomorrow evening, and in the meanwhile, it’s sounding like either bronchitis, or a mimimal chance of maaaaybe something worse? 


But i’m only running a VERY low-grade fever, and feeling a bit wiped/tired, not dealing with most of the symptoms which would say it’s something like walking pneumonia. And besides, from all the stories i’ve heard from friends & family who’ve had various forms of pneumonia, my symptoms don’t feel “that way!”😉

The only thing making me lean toward it even *possibly* being anything beyond bronchitis, is that i’m coughing up so much wet crap. Usually, when i have bronchitis, it “tastes worse”(for lack of a better way of putting it), and it’s stickier/drier gunk.😜😝

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