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Good Things (in Spite of the results) Post

Hiya GT.

I know it’s HARD tonight to think of things in your day today which WEREN’T horrible/awful/ deargodwhaaaatintheHELLwereallthoseasshatsthinking?!?!???


But here is tonight’s “3 Good Things” post.

We will take WHATEVER you can scrape together—GLADLY!

I’ll start:

1. All of Y’all here. Right now i’m living in Outer Wingnuttia, and there are literally less than 10 peole out here (INCLUDING me and my mom!!!) who i know DID NOT vote for Cheeto Jesus. Last i knew,there are perhaps 7 of us that i know around my town who chose Hillary😔


The fact that (thank GOD!!!) i at least have y’all, is what is keeing me at just weepy, and not in full-blown sobs.

2. My kiddos at work. I LOVE that i can go into work, work with our tinies, and NOTHING matters for those few hours more than the little people i’m working with.


There are all those studies on the emotionally healing power of touch... anecdotally, i’d have to agree. We staffers are touched, and snuggled up on, and hugged by tinies ALL DAY... and we get to give hugs, and “squishes”, and hand squeezies back, all day. And on a day like today, having a 4-year old, or a 2 or 3 year old come to YOU, because YOU can “make it better” by picking them up, hugging them, and just kinda rocking them...

That makes a day like today bearable.

And 3, from my roommie’s copy of People Magazine:

Jon and Dorothea, and the fact that, not ONLY were they high-school sweethearts, but in spite of EVERYTHING their relationship has faced over the years, they’re STILL together, still a team, and still just as in love (and respect) with each other, as ever.


I ADORE them, AND the fact that they are still married. I remember when i was in junior high, and they eloped, and HOW many girls i knew who HATED Dorothea, because “She stole Jon!”


When i found out they’d been high school sweethearts, i was completely ok with it, and i hoped things would work out for them... It will ALWAYS make me happy to see that they still care so deeply for each other. To use a cheesy hashtag, for me, the idea of finding someone someday, with whom i could have that kind of “growing together in the same direction” sort of relationship that Dorothea talks about—with their level of love & genuine RESPECT for each other... that’s MY version of #Relationshipgoals


So, those are MY three things.

How bout it, GT, What (one, two, three, or more!) thing(s) were good in YOUR life today?

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