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Good Things-Open Thread

I’ve had a bunch of small good things happen in the last couple days, and was hoping all of you have to. Let’s talk about them, big or small.

1) The rental property I own has been sitting empty since December 1, but it finally got rented. Which is great, since my savings account was just about drained because of that. Now, I can get back on track with my bills, like paying student loans and credit cards.

2) Around the time I get on a email about my house being rented, I got an email from Southwest having one of their sales. So, I bought tickets to get see my best friend and his wife and their new (ish, born on Thanksgiving) baby in October. It is super cheesy though, the college we all went to is playing in a nearby city, so we are all going to the game. I almost teared up when he mentioned that this would be their baby’s first football game. My friend and I met 12 years ago in marching band, and then his wife a couple years later, so a lot of our memories together revolve arorehearsals for football games, going to football games, traveling to see the team play out of state, etc. So, there is some cheesy symbology to kind of helping pass that torch to the new generation. I’ll be there for about a week, so if anybody has any suggestions of things to do in the Sacramento or Bay Area in October, let me know.


3) Hopefully while in the Bay Area, I’ll get to have dinner or something with my ex-boyfriend. He’s my only ex that I’m still in contact with, and I like to see him when we are anywhere near each other. I still consider him the one that got away, so really it is probably not the best to stay in contact or see him every couple years...but it is also a friendship I would hate to lose.

4) My cat is going to the groomer on Friday. I’ve been putting it off due to cost for a couple months, so she is starting to get a few little mats. But, as soon as my house was rented it was the first call I made. Now, I’ll get a few months of nearly bald fuzzy kitty with a big poofy head and tail. :-)

5) I called my landlord and got approval to have a couple container gardens. I realized later that I hadn’t specified what kind of garden, so she might be surprised to drive by and see tomatoes instead of petunias, but I don’t forsee it being a big deal. Now, to just find plants that will grow well in containers. I’ve already got plans for the next generation of Cupboard Potato, and probably a few small tomato and pepper plants.

So, what’s good, bad, or indifferent in your life right now?

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