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Good things OT/Grumpy OT, take two

I posted this yesterday and, mysteriously, it never showed up. So let’s try this again.

Good things: the weather and snow conditions look good for a winter mountain weekend, so I’m going for a hard hike with herr honk and a couple of pals on Saturday, camping out, and then going roped climbing on Sunday. Yay!

Scout-kitty has developed a really lovely habit of replying to me with a trill when I call her name. She doesn’t come right away, but she just goes, “whrrr!” to let me know she’s heard me and to tell me where she is, and then if I call her again, she says whrrr! again and comes running up. It’s such a sweet kitty sound. She also uses it to say, oh hi! or similar when you come into a room or touch her unexpectedly. I guess it’s her tone of collective positive acknowledgement.


I got invited to deliver a major talk at a professional conference in Galway. Yay! Downside: on my birthday, and going with my boss. Huh. But, a good friend will also be there and a pal of mine who lives in Limerick has said she’ll come down for a night out afterward. Yay!

Things I’m annoyed about: I hate when people burst into my office without knocking. It’s open plan, but I’m presently the only one in here, and it always makes me jump. It annoys me more when it’s the basic bish secretary who does it, cos she does it all the time, and she’s now added “laughing at domestic violence occurring in the parking lot” to her list of dislikeable features, so I am decidedly bitch-eating-crackers her.

This talk I’m meant to give in Ireland is doing my head in because I just keep coming back to FUND SOME MORE RESEARCH YOU SHITS and then get annoyed and go check facebook or whatever, so I’ve been at it for days and days and days and gotten fuck-all finished. Also yesterday I was scheduled to run some lab stuff and spent my morning getting it all prepped up, and then the clients were like “oh sorry I know we said today but actually it’ll get there tomorrow.” Boo. So, my reagents will have lasted to today, but I was really unproductive yesterday and not psyched about my screen stare.

How’s your morning, GT?

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