Welcome To The Bitchery

Alright GT, we KNOW it’s been a craptacular few days.😔

But what’s been GOOD in the world/ your world/ your day?🤗

No matter HOW small, what have you seen which was good, bright, shiny, and sparkly in this murky quagmire—anything (even just a tiiiiiny speck of glitter😉) will do!


If you feel like sharing, you are welcome here.😆

If you feel you have nothing to share today, but just need to read a bit of happy, you are ALSO completely welcome here!😘

We accept ALL comers to the good things threads (except for the usual—no supporters of Cheetolini or his minions, this space is for real Cheetos only—no falsehood-spewing orange kleptogarchs😈)

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