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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good Things Post, 11/28/17

I don’t usually start these and it’s been little bleak and a lot surreal for me lately. So the news I got today, while frivolous, was very very welcome.

My favorite band since I was 13 has been The Dead Milkmen. They broke up in 1997 and I never thought I would be able to see them. I saw them when they toured in 2013, but now I get to do it again. They announced a show in Dallas in March. (This is immediately followed by nights in Austin and San Antonio, but Mr Moxie frowns mightily on me leaving on road trips.)


Tickets go on sale Friday, when I get paid.

Tickets are only gonna be $22 (before fees).

One of my BFFs is still living in Houston and I know she’s going to come up.

We got to see them in December 2013, but it was in the middle of a freaking ice storm and her husband at the time came with her and he was a total ass the whole time they were with me.


This will be so awesome!

I think that was 4 points to one good thing, but you can play along however you like. What good things to you have today?


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