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Good things post

Here's a post that's not bitching about OKC! Yay!

Good thing #1: I found new skinny jeans that fit! YAY! HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT? WOOHOO! (Old Navy super skinny rockstar mid rise, btw.)

Good thing #2: I reconnected with my bff who just moved to town. We haven't seen each other in way too long, and I was concerned that the friendship wouldn't survive being in person. Not only did it survive, it's thriving. She stayed with me for a week, and while I'm happy to have my space back, it was awesome.


Good thing #3: I'm getting a new bed! I've needed one for so long. I tried a few mattresses in a store, and found one on Amazon that has awesome reviews, and almost exactly the same as the one I liked, and is literally less than 25% of the price. I'm a little nervous about ordering a bed online, but it has awesome reviews. Plus my sister ordered a bed off Amazon for her son and said it's SUPER comfortable. Here's to waking up without aches and pains, and having some extra space.

Good thing #4: This is the most important one. I'm so freaking grateful I made it back into a career job. Having the money to buy stuff and take care of myself is awesome. I'm not rolling in the bucks, and I have a long way to go, but I was in a really different place last year at this time. I've worked really hard, and I've made a lot of progress.

What good things are happening to you? What are you grateful for? Nothing is too small.

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