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Good Things Post

I didn’t see one from earlier, but I am rather sleep-deprived, so if I missed it please tell me so I can re-purpose this post. :)

1. I am almost through my Christmas leftovers. My diet has been mainly what I call the “3 Cs” — cookies, chocolate, and cheese. MMMMMM CHEESE. I still have a decent amount of cheese left, but hard cheese will last long enough that it’s no big deal to polish it off in January.

2. I took the chocolate I got for Christmas to the office and ran around throwing Godiva pieces at coworkers. No one was upset about this occurrence.


3. I got the final invoice for my kitchen. Awesomely, the contractors overestimated costs and the final invoice was several hundred dollars lower than I had originally been quoted. Which means I can throw that money at my Mastercard payment for December instead!

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