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Good Things Post

I feel like we really need one today.

Here’s mine:

1. I’ve been invited to talk to one of our gubernatorial candidates tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to it and to asking some pressing questions that have been on my mind. I hope it goes well and produces some good dialogue.


2. The week long heat wave we had here finally broke! SWEATER WEATHER IS THE BEST WEATHER AND I WILL FIGHT YOU ABOUT IT!

3. I met a whole bunch of other really cool Asian American activists. Their mission is to get us all together working as a collective voice as opposed to being “stray Asians on the street”. I fucking love that they served lumpia at the meeting.

4. I’m just really happy in my relationship. It’s amazing how chill and conflict free things are when both people are generally easy going, but not so easy going that there’s an endless back and forth about what to have for dinner. He’s just a really good person, doing his part to try to change the world. I look forward to annoying the fuck out of my coworker with him during our double date.

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