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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Good Things Post

Otherwise known as an excuse for me to scream about Seungri’s solo album dropping today :) I’ve been waiting since 2013 so please excuse me. I absolutely love it, every single song, he never disappoints me. The single is catchy and poppy and fun, I can’t stop it playing my head. Obligatory plug:

I watched his countdown livestream before it was released and he did it in 3 languages which is simultaneously really cool because he can speak them all (4 actually but I didn’t hear Chinese) and really annoying because people who are good at things I want to be good at are annoying. But it meant I understood large chunks of what he was saying so yay! I’m super happy today so I wanted to drop in and share my joy. I don’t know if anyone is into his music style but if you are the album is on Spotify, iTunes etc. Ok I’ll stop now :)


Please tell me the good things that are going on with you! Anyone got nice plans for the weekend? I’m in Brighton volunteering at Trans Pride and looking forward to it :)

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