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Good things post

It’s been awhhhhhile since we’ve done one of these. And I need some reassurance that there are still good things happening in the world, please God. So, come tell us about 3 good things in your world right now, wouldja? ;)

Mine are:

1) I’m having a rough time at work. Ran into a coworker at a coffee shop today and told him about it and he was so supportive. He told me, “Those students are so lucky they got you. They don’t know it now—might not know it for awhile. But you actually care. And you pushing them now is going to help them in the future.” And then he thanked me for my dedication to students he doesn’t know and will never have. :’)


2) I got some exercise today and, while I was dancing my butt off, I had a realization about these work difficulties. I always tell my students that the struggle is where they grow. It was a good reminder that I’m growing from this. And, in the boring terms, I’m always like, I need a challenge. Well, I got what I wished for! :D

3) I ordered some clothes last week and they showed up today AND I’m finally getting Homey to watch AHS: Coven. Those little things, man. They can be so important!

How about y’all?

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