Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

1. My dog is doing really well! I think he’s through the gastrointestinal distress of the weekend.

2. A coworker was talking about how now that Missouri is a right-to-work state our economy will boom. I deadpanned, “right, now we can reap the economic growth and benefits that Kansas and Arkansas saw when they became right-to-work,” and coworker was all, “but those states have horrible economies!” and I smiled and said, “yes, I know,” and walked away. Always fun to throw a monkey wrench into people’s perceptions.

3. Both the IRS and the state of Missouri have accepted my tax returns. Hoping to get my checks soon since I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump decides by EO to not allow the IRS to send rebate checks sometime mid-March when the budget comes into play to him for realsies.

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