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Good Things post 3/25/15

Howdy GT, what’s been good for you lately?

Big things?

Smal things?

Huge things?

Very very small things?

TELL US PLEASE, we need to hear the goods, so we have SOMETHING* to celebrate this weekend!😉


Plus, i’m bored, ‘cuz i’m doing a fill-in shift for my roommie since she’s super-sick, and i’m at the out-in-the-boonies bar, with no pulltab players, and a couple more hours before i can go close up & go home... so entertain me please, by giving me happy stories!😆😄😊

(*Aside from the failure of DonTCare/TrumpCare/TRyanCare, and what looks to perhaps be the singing of Flynn to the FBI)

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