Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hiya GT,

What have you seen lately that’s been good?

I caught this over on Huffpo today,


I hadn’t realized exactly HOW LONG Keenan Thompson has been on SNL.

I’ve thought he was funny as all hell since he was a child actor waaaaay back in the day, in The Mighty Ducks, and Heavyweights. Imo, he was the best actor IN heavyweights.

You could totally see the potential he had in comedy way back then, and it’s just awesome to read that someone who WAS a child actor on a popular Nick show is not only someone who *didn’t* turn into a tragic story, but that he turned out to become a truly lovely ensemble cast member, who is a great mentor & vital part of his show. AND who appears to be beloved by everyone he works with.

It’s not very often that former child actors retain THAT level of class😁

So, GT, what have you read/ seen/ experienced that was good today?😉


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