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Good Things post 5/14/17

Howdy GT!

I found this story a little bit ago, and figured it’s so cool it’d make a good GT/GT post, so here ya go🤗


Other good things:

Got to see Wicked (at the Orpheum*😍) last night with my roomie, her sister & their mom. I spent the first half unable to see most of the action, even though i had a GREAT seat (row H, main floor), because the very nice man sitting in front of me was just much taller than i am & kept leaning over to his wife (i could see the action happening far stage right & left, but the entire center of the stage was almost always blocked). So i asked an usher, and was at least able to stand at the back of the auditorium, and could see the whole rest of the show😁

And my other Good Things today are, we also went to the Friends’ School Plant Sale, and i got lots of cool plants (some mn native cacti, a few other native plants, 2 kinds of mints, lovage, tarragon, a variegated thyme, and a variegated scented geranium).

And i’m all done with school for a week (between semesters, we start our practicum 2 weeks early, so that’s why i only have one week!)


*The Orpheum is one of the theaters in the Downtown Mpls Theater District, she was restored a while ago, and she’s a beauty—tons of plasterwork all over the interior, lots of frescoes, she’s eye candy well before you get to showtime, because there are so many different little details to see around her interior🤗


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