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Good things post, 5.17.17

Here are mine - and I want to hear all about yours!

1. I’ve been running on my treadmill for the past few months (loosely using a couch to 5k app) and have changed my diet pretty radically (most notably cutting almost all sugar). I’ve been pretty disappointed to not see any kind of weight loss (I don’t weigh myself, but I measure my waist circumference - I have a number in mind that I want to reach). Today I threw on some culottes (hush, I love them) I got in the fall - and they fit extremely well - and are even a little baggy. When I got them (online) they were too tight to be comfortable or look good. So yay! Also, I’ve been really surprised that running has strengthened my abs - which has been a nice bonus.

2. I just remembered I have sugar free popsicles in the freezer! It’s been disgustingly hot here, so yay!


3. It’s my one year anniversary for my postdoc.

What’s good with you?

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