Howdy GT, what’s been good near you lately?

Things you’ve seen, done, heard about, stumbled across?

I wandered on over to Huffpo, like i do most mornings, and ran across this adorably goofy story:


And then clicked on the link within the story, so i could bookmark the whimsical woodsman page.

I figured that way i can get our house their calendar for next year (‘cuz when you NEED a calendar anyway, why not get a funny one that does good in the world?😉)...

and THAT’S when i discovered the story getting a squidge closer & more personal.

I discovered that the Yavapai chapter of “Books to the Rescue” (who this calendar raises money for) is part of a broader, National group.


They provide duffel bags with books (some with matching stuffed toys) to first responders & police, so that the books can be given to children in crisis situations.

The book program is similar to the ones that give stuffed animals to children, but unlike the “stuffies”/toys programs, the books cover all ages from baby-teen.


Out of that (currently small) group, we have a chapter right here in the Twin Cities, which started last year!💓💗💖

AND-And(!), i was happily shocked to discover that my OWN county is one of the ones participating in that Twin Cities group, as of THIS year!🤗😁😀