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Good Things Post Election Night, 2018

What’s good near YOU tonight, GT?

Big Things, Small Things, Tiiiiiny victories, wins, or celebrations?

Bring what you want to share, and let’s celebrate for the night!

Yes, it looks like there are PLENTY of things to be bummed about, too, there *always* are.


But tonight, let’s find some good, before another long, slow, slog begins again😉

Some for me, Minnesota will have a 50/50% Congressional Delegation for the first time EVER, and TWO of the women will hold more power each, as US Senators, than ANY of the men will (even with ALL of our congress folks being minority members in their respective branches😉)

We also have two elected *women* Senators in my state, for the first time EVER.

Amy & Tina have both been serving together, but only Amy was elected previously.

Ilhan made TONS of history tonight, and we also have our first Lieutenant Gov-elect who is Native—H/T to Edie Beale for the tip on this one, earlier in the cycle!


LG-elect Flanagan (from the linked article) “... of St. Louis Park, is a member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe and helped form the People of Color and Indigenous Caucus this year. The Walz campaign said she would be the first person of color to hold a constitutional office in Minnesota and the highest ranking Native American state office holder ever in the country.

I mentioned it a couple times, over on Car54's post, but the fact that women overall, and women like Flanagan & Omar *in particular* did SO well, is just AWESOME, for our little, tween, and teen-aged girls.


In education, one of the things which is (Rightly!!!!) getting lots of coverage right now, is representation—and how vitally important it is for kids to see grownups who look like *them* in positions of power.

It doesn’t fix the structural issues facing us as a state or a country (because, realistically the D’s only gained a VERY modest amount of power nationally tonight😕), but just SEEING women who look like them in positions of executive & federal power is a very good thing, for the girls in this state.


At least 15 of 21 judges positions on our ballot today were filled by women/women incumbents, too.

There is still a LONG road ahead of us, so this *is* only a momentary celebration.


But for my little girls in my classes, and little girls all over the state of MN, tonight’s wins are making me happy**

What’s good near YOU tonight?***


**and I’ll be even HAPPIER, when we have more Native, Latinx, Black, Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Liberian, Somali, Ethiopian, South American, (Other) African, and (Other) Asian state & federal reps getting elected here, too!

As one of my favorite former Senators used to say, “We all do better, when we ALL do better.”


***yes, I’m WELL aware of the fact that there is still a HUGE amount of work left to do!!!💖

But the truly good things which happened tonight deserve celebrating, and the great women who will be representing my state deserve recognition😉

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