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Welcome To The Bitchery

Good Things Post (Here Be Lots of Annoying Optimism)

Guys, I relationship adulted last night! I finally put my foot down in a no-nonsense way about WomBear and his issues with meds.
Back story: one of my best friend's boyfriend recently got diagnosed with GAD. He had no problem immediately going on medication and has been very open and wonderful about it.
So I mentioned it to WomBear when we were on a walk last night. I said something like, "Oh, person you met once briefly is taking medication for his anxiety, and he says it helps a lot. He's really happy."
His response: "I'm so glad I can deal with mine, and not resort to medication. Not that there is anything wrong with what person I met once briefly is doing."

No. Not where the conversation was supposed to go.

But I let it go for a bit because discussion like this for us are like land mine fields. We tread carefully, and it takes us a long time to get through them.


I waited until we were home and taking our jackets off and I said in a very no-nonsense, this is not a discussion voice, "About what we were talking about earlier? The meds? When you go back to school, I really think you need to see someone about your anxiety. It was bad enough in your Undergrad, and Grad school will probably bring it to another level. We can discuss it further later, but I need you to do this."

He looked at me for a second, and looked a little taken aback, then tilted his head and said, "Yeah. Okay. You're right, Grad school will be hard. It might be a good idea."



This is a major victory for me.

Other Good things:
a) I dropped a pants size. I had bought a pair of pants a few weeks ago that were in my old size, but was disappointed when I put them on and they barely buttoned and were too tight to be comfy. But instead of binge eating like I normally would, I stuck to eating healthy and exercising. Now they fit! And I might need a belt soon!

b) I got WomBear a book a while ago called She Comes First. It's hoakey, and probably outdated but its by a sex writer that first got me comfortable with working the prostate. Apparently a big part of it is about the art, and importance of going down. It's paid off, tenfold. He's been reading it with dedication, and is like an eager beaver for oral now, which is the exact opposite of how he used to be. CHA-CHING!


c) WomBear and I have been legally, name on the same lease living together for seven months now (six in our new place) We missed the benchmark dates so we decided to celebrate this weekend. It's been a breeze. I love living with him, and he loves living with me. I mean, I could kill him some days over chores, but such is life, right?

I haven't seen her since last August, and I will cry like a baby because my Mom is the best, and can beat up all of your Moms single handedly. For real.


So while yesterday I was hating the Universe, today is a reminder that good things are around. What are the Good Things that are happening in your lives, GT?

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