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Good Things Post/Vent about things post, 4/4/17

Howdy all! What things make you irrationally angry/frustrated, and how many need to stack up in a row before you start to feel “a bit stabby”?

Also, GOOD things, if you have them, please!😁

I dunno about anyone else, but i could SURE use a few stories ‘bout things that’ve gone well lately!😉


I realized tonight my number of “stackable items” tops out at 5.

Any more than that when i’m hungry, and i will blow.

Luckily, i was the only one around, so i was (finally!) able to eat something, and calm down.

Not that it matters, but he things were (in order of occurrance):

1. Got home to see that someone had helped themselves to the cheese i bought yesterday... which was obvious, because there were a handful of slices on a plate sitting on the stovetop.


All dried out, greasy, and uneaten.😬

(They TOOK the cheese, and then didn’t even EAT it all😣)

2 Went into the bathroom, to discover (Yet AGAIN!) three squares of toilet paper left on the roll... so (AGAIN) i did the adult thing, grabbed a roll out of the cupboard (3 STEPS AWAY!) and put the new roll on the t.p. holder (AGAIN!!!)*😒


3. Went to make some eggs so i could have a wrap tonight, and two for breakfast tomorrow...

And discovered that Someone ate all but ONE of my tortillas😡

(Seriously, who leaves ONE?!?)

4. So i grabbed the loaf of bread to make a sandwich instead, thinking i could have another tomorrow morning...


And there were only 2 “butt ends” left from THE ENTIRE HALF-LOAF that was there 2 days ago😠

5. And the kicker, was when i went to put my condiments back in the fridge door, and discovered that 97% of the sour cream & onion dip in the fridge that i’d gotten was gone, AND THE FUCKING HEATHEN WHO DID IT DIPPED THEIR GODDAMN CHIPS DIRECTLY OUT OF THE CONTAINER!!!!!😲😲😲


It WASN’T the fact that most of it was gone, that was a little frustrating, but not *so* bad.

The thing that took me to *rage* was the grossness of it. WHO DOES THAT TO FOOD THAT IS NOT THEIR OWN?!?!?????


*For some reason, i KEEP ending up with roommates who are the asshole that won’t restock T.P.

It wasn’t *so* bad before, when it was just one roommie and i at this house, but now there are at LEAST 3 of us here full time, and it os seriously happening, AT MINIMUM, every other day😒


The ONLY one i will NOT get mad at on this, is the 5 year old who is the 4th &  here only half the week.

The 24 & 35 year old get no quarter on the matter😝

Good things were: the little guy i worked with today was bopping word & letter sounds back & forth with me ALL day today, including one stretch where for 10-15 min, he made a letter sound, i copies, amd he made CONTINUOUS eye contact, as he made more & more, with me repeating them🤗


And the place i volunteer got a BIG donation of scrapbooking supplies, so i started to sort out the scrapbooking room there, and HOLY CRAP, was that donation AMAZING!!

But i *also* discovered a BUNCH of Sizzix dies (7 Entire!, Different!, alphabet sets!😨😁) & multiple machines, including one machine and a box of the big dies in the newest donation!


Looking at the number of punches, papers, TABLETS of 12×12 papers, the Sizzix stuff, rubber stamps (many BRAND new!) and the edging scissors, that donation alone must’ve originally cost whoever donated it at least a couple thousand dollars😮

And looking at all the stufc in the room, i’d bet replacement costs would be in the 10-15K range!


It is SERIOUSLY a scrapbooker’s dream room😎

About the ONLY thing it doesn’t have is a Cricut😉

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