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I know lots of folks around here don’t follow sportsball, but a few do. Although, i don’t know how much traction this story has gotten outside MN, and possibly Louisiana.


This is something HUGE, and AMAZINGLY GOOD up here!!

It started last Sunday, over on Reddit, when Morstead, the Saints’ injured Punter was the first Saints player to come back to the field & line up for the final snap that was needed to finish the game. Because he WAS injured, a Minnesota fan spread the word over on Reddit, that as a nod to Morstead’s excellent sportsmanship, we Vikes fans ought to donate to his charity foundation...

And THAT was when something truly AWESOME AND AMAZING happened.🤗😀😁😊

When the total was under $40K (about Thursday, when i first saw the story!), Morstead announced that he was going to donate the money raised to the Child Life department of Children’s MN💓💖💗💞💕


What MOST folks don’t know, is how HUGE that is—even back at a $40,000 Donation.

Child Life is an “Overhead Department” in a hospital. Meaning that every penny spent on a Child Life department has to come out of a hospital’s overhead. Child Life services are not “billable,” meaning that a hospital CAN’T charge a family for the services provided. They do it because it’s the right thing to do.


Child Life Specialists are people who are trained in Child Development, Child Psych, Trauma, and medical systems. They work with the child, through play, to help them understand what is happening/will happen, and they educate families on how best to help their hospitalized child. They educate, relieve fear & stress, and also help the medical staff to do their jobs faster & easier, by helping the child to be calm.

Every Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) has taken many college classes on Child Development, Lifespan Psychology (including Death & Dying), spent at least 400+ hours on an intense & very competitive Child Life internship in a Peds Hospital, AND passed a licensure test & takes ongoing CEU’s to retain their licensure (in a couple years, that internship moves to 600 hours!).


And because they’re overhead departments, most Child Life Departments are run on Grant funding, donations, or what little the hospital can kick their way. Childrens’ system is one of, if not THE largest Child Life department in our state with 20-30 CCLS’s, and a handful of Child Life Associates. I know that, and i know they’re GOOD, because for my Child Life Assistant A.S. degree, i had to volunteer there for at least 150 hours.

This donation is HUGE for them. It’s going to give them a LOT of money to do things with, or it could fund the salaries of multiple CCLS’s for a year. It’s TRULY an amazing donation! And because of its size, and Morestad’s kindhearted generosity, it will literally impact the lives of children from not only Minnesota, but from all over the Upper Midwest & the country.


Children’s Minneapolis is one of our four Level 1 Peds trauma hospitals here in MN (3 here in MSP, one in Rochester at Mayo). The next closest Level 1 Pediatric Trauma hospitals are down in Iowa City, IA, and Milwaukee or Madison, in WI, so we get kiddos from as far away as Montana to the west, and from all over the “5 State Region” (MN, ND, SD, IA, & WI).

Children’s Mpls obviously treats trauma incidents, it also specializes in Childhood Cancers, and has recently begun a fetal surgery program. Childrens St. Paul, its sister-hospital, specializes in conditions like Epilepsy and Eating Disorders, aside from “regular” medical care.


This donation is HUGE!!! It’s an amazing gift, and is going to do good, for literally thousands of children & their families every year, most likely for many years to come.


I just found a few more links, evidently Childrens MN has asked folks to donate to Morstead’s What You Give Will Grow foundation. They feel like they’ve gotren PLENTY, and they’ve requested that the donations can now go forward to Lousiana hospitals—they would like to help out Child Life Departments down there🤗🤗🤗




(Edited because i spelled his name incorrectly!😶)

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