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Good Things Post10/31/18

What’s good for you lately, GT?

We haven’t done an official GT Good Things post in a while, so lets fine some—

Big things, Small things, things that made you smile or chuckle.

Many or few, bring your good stuff, and let’s share.

Editing, to add a cute spacer pic, to bump the Twitter one off the MP😉


Things are rough right now, and honestly, it’s been a bit difficult to find the good, in the torrent of awful that seems to be happening everywhere, so let’s share some happy stuff and little victories😁

I’ve got these:

The photographer who caught a marriage proposal in the distance at Yosemite, in a beautiful picture, was able to use the power of the good side of the internet to find the couple:

I’ve been back into my groove of hunting neonazis & other assorted hate speech on Twitter again, (and was one of I’m sure many!), but I got this happy little message yesterday that 12 accounts got shut off for Hateeful Conduct, Targeted Abuse, and the like. (LL has now been shut down there for 24 hours—i have no illusions about her being banned permanently, but at least she’s quiet there for a couple days😉):


And Today is Halloween, so I’ll see many of the kiddos at work all dressed up in their costumes😁 Halloween is a *Big Deal* in one of the cities near my school district, so lots of the families celebrate, even if it’s NOT part of their religious/cultural heritage.

And that rolls over into “fall celebration week” at many of the area schools. Today we’re doing things like fall fire safety, so a fire truck will come over & the kids can look at it & talk to the firefighters, they’ve got extra gym time & activities, and they get to do special sensory & art activities.😉


What’s good near YOU?

Big, Small, Many, Few, what would happiness would you like to share?

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