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Good Things/Vent post 6/30/17

Howdy GT!

Roller-Coaster week around here lately, and i need to remind myself that, yes, i WILL get past this shit (AGAIN😑), because i can just keep fucking pushing on. (I’m not dead yet😉. It will pass, this is temporary, yadda, yadda, yadda.😜)

But right this minute, i could really use a bit of cheering up, and i suspect i’m far from the only one feeling that way...


So Good Things, Whatcha got?

Big ones, small ones, itty-bitty-teeeeeny-tiny ones, if you’d like to, Please share them!

I’m opening it up as a vent post too, because sometimes what we need is a vent to help us feel good again🤔

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