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Good workout clothing stores in NYC?

Groupthink, once again I come to you in need of advice and suggestions. I've been trying to work out more the last couple of months and it's coming to my attention that my old workout clothes really aren't cutting it. I mean, I'm okay with continuing to wear old/ugly t-shirts, but the issue really is sports bras and workout pants.

I've been relying on the same old yoga capris for what has to be like 8 years at least and my sports bras are all cheapo shitty things I've gotten from all over the place. I'm not getting enough support breast-wise and I'd like to not rely on the same sweaty pair of pants multiple times a week, namean?


The issue is my body is kind of wonky sized/shaped in both areas. Don't get me wrong, on good days I love having abundant boobies and butt, but when it comes to buying new clothes (and figuring out what the hell my damn size is) I tend to try on a few options, inevitably get disappointed and frustrated, and then give up and keep wearing the same old useless stuff I already have. I just end up feeling like my body is not meant for exercise— or rather, looking good while I exercise.

Thing is, on top of being curvy I'm also pretty short (5'2") so regular sized leggings bunch up at the bottom and look stupid and all the capri-ish options are always so damn snug. I just don't understand workout clothes nowadays. They don't even seem to sell the light stretchy comfortable yoga capris I'm so used to at the shops I've checked out.


So basically what I'm asking is whether there are good workout clothing shops in my area (I live in Brooklyn but I'm willing to go into Manhattan) with a variety of options and you know... humans around to help me figure out what my size even is. Some magical place that's fat-friendly and not intimidating, so not Lululemon or whatever trendy legging place is popping right now.

Maybe I'm just fantasizing and such a workout apparel store does not exist. But I figured it was worth a try.

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