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Goodbye 2013: A playlist


So much shit. Both awesome and not so awesome. I've been laid off, dumped while single, subjected to customer service horrors, had to move, car trouble, people trouble, trouble trouble… and you know? I wouldn't change any of it. Not one thing.

I'm 27 and enjoying this entire ride.

The soundtrack to my topsy turvy has been full of uplifting ballads, dance jams to ease the stress and lots and lots of metal to assuage my anger.


But one album rises out victorious to sum up my entire feeling for 2013. The first track is perfect. It moves my bones, hums my rhythm and makes me smile.

Queens of the Stone Age - Turnin on the Screw

Choice lyrics (really the whole song fits) but in this moment, staring 2014 in the face all I have to say is:

I'm so tired, I'm wired too,
I'm a mess,
I guess,
I'm turning on the screw.

Full song found here.

What about you guys?


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