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I am going to have to euthanize Sheba today. We are having a vet come to the house at 4 or 430 this afternoon to do it.

She had an acute issue that night where she couldn’t walk. Her legs all moved, but it was like she couldn’t control what they were doing. You know how a cat wiggles around when it’s scruffed and fighting? That’s what she’s doing, but I don’t think it’s voluntary. We went to the emergency vet, treated her, and came home. Last night, she was in her sleeping box when we went to bed. This morning, she was in her litter box, where I think she’d spent the night because she got in but couldn’t get out.

I had her by my bedside, petting her, and any little twitch—like her ear or something—sent her into convulsions that she couldn’t control, and she was rolling over, terrified.


She’s peed on herself in her sleeping box twice, and I keep changing the bedding and cleaning her off. She wants to get up to pee, but can’t. I can’t hold her because her body just convulses.

We talked to our primary vet this a.m. and I’ve decided that this isn’t a quality of life for her. Prolonging this would do her no good. Hopefully, she’ll be alright for me to move and we can have her put down in the backyard in her favorite sunny spot.

I’m ready to say goodbye to her. She’s 22 years old and has had a great life.


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