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Stella. Stella Bella. Stelly Beans. Beanie Bear. Bearsie. Bear Bear.

You went by many names, and responded to each one with an enthusiastic head-butt. Your greatest joy in life was the love of your humans, and the near-constant stream of belly rubs they provided.


You were an abandoned pup, rescued and given a stupid name, then adopted by a family who fell madly in love with your tender heart and sweet demeanor.

Some feared you for your size and your black fur, but they were quickly won over by your shy shuffle and gentleness. If you were smaller, you’d have wanted to be held at all times, and we would have obliged.

I’m sad to lose you, but I’m glad you’re not in pain. You had a good life, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

I love you, sweet girl. Rest in peace.

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