as you go through them.

I'm done. I quit. I spent a lot of time hating football because of how much it's worshiped here, but then I learned the beauty of the game and the joy of hatewatching. Once I learned what it was they were doing on the field, I started to really get into it.

But I can't anymore. The Ray Rice thing should have totally woken me up to just how fucked up the organization is, but I was reluctant to condemn it all. EGR's piece the other day about no longer supporting the NFL struck me as overreacting when I read it first. But then the Jerry Jones stuff came out, and I could just hear the armies of Cowsheep jumping to his defense and just imagine all the horrible, misogynistic charges they'd level at his accuser. At this point I realized that I was wrong, and I should have seen it sooner. As of now, the NFL is out of my life. And it sucks, because I had many witty jokes at the Jacksonville Jaguar's expense lined up for the NFL picks series that I would have inevitably crapped out on 8 weeks in.

I'm not asking anybody else to join me in this. I'm not going to think of anyone as less of a women's ally if they disagree with me hear. But as for me, I can no longer endorse anything about this organization.

Shame on me for not realizing this sooner.