I went again to Goodwill today. My mother goes way to often sometimes twice in a day hoping to see what new items they are bringing out. They bring out these large bins and especially in the junk/furniture area people dive in literally with their arms. The arms usually are attached to dealers. Today in the pouring rain few customers with most being dealers. The clerks are very nice and never interfere with the arms diving in. I notice with clothing no arms but the clerks arms are in the bins. Also one clerk who puts away stuff and does the register has been coming up to me lately saying "hey" I say hi back. We exchange how are you doings. It feels good to be recognized. Also at the grocery store where they sell donuts/pizza we are on a first name basis with those clerks there are about 6 doing various shifts and some do it alone. Today a clerk was alone and I said I hoped she was not alone and she said another was coming in. Today not bad. I got a slice of cheese pizza its a quarter of a nineteen inch for 2.25 and a 20 ounce bottle of Root Beer, its nonalcoholic beer in case this is not a thing outside the US.

For those who work in thrift shops like Goodwill do you find this typical kinda pushy behavior if you get dealers in your store?