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Goodwill had lots of grandpa pornish novels

Goodwill had lots of (about 40) pornish novels for.grandpas. Seriously it.seems only men over 65 and 70 read this genre, westerns. Well they had about 30 Slocum novels. Yes spelled correctly. Well I read a few and I am late 40s but still on average over 65.

and about 10 Lonestar novels.


Now these are by the same publisher as the other pornish western series Longarm. I know Slocum and Longarm were published as late as 2010 both well over 300 novels. I read two Slocums they are really, really bad. Longarm novels at least.have interesting plots. Both men have lots of sex between hunting bad folks. Usually five scenes but thankfully short ie 3 pages. Lonestar is about a.woman who owns a huge ranch and business so most of the adventures take place around her home, her companion who she does not sleep with is Ki from and a master of martial arts and sex. Lonestar is a spinoff of.Longarm. Of all monthly novel series Ihave read these are the worst. LA is slightly the best of the three.

Its a shame they are not well written since they represent a dying subgenre in literature which is the monthly novel series, thirties and 40s also.the 70s we had The Spider and most famous Doc Savage. The 70s had Mack Bolan, Destroyer and The Butcher only Bolan is left. Except for Longarm and Slocum, Lonestar I know is no more and the Mack Bolan series.thats it for monthly novel series by multiple writers. Germany has Perry Rhodan. Bolan does have a spinoff series which is bimonthly called Stonyman which is a merger of Able Team and Phoenix Force two Bolan spinoffs.

Can anyone think of monthly novel series beyond what I listed.

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