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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Google, you are creeping me the fuck out right now.

So, I got a new phone yesterday (I know, I know, I almost bought an iPhone but I caved because this one was such a good deal too) that has Android Jelly Bean. And, it has this new-ish thing called Google Now. Apparently it periodically checks your GPS location (I know, Big Brother much?) and tells you how long your commute will take, suggests places and events nearby, updates weather for your location, etc. Basically you can customize it however you want. I pretty much added weather and public transportation times and that was it, wanting to see what information it would pull from my daily use of my phone and what suggestions it would give me.

So imagine my surprise when it gives me an entire CATEGORY of stuff for Sherlock. Like, 10 different news articles. Because, apparently, I "searched for this topic". Um, I haven't Googled anything Sherlock-related in a very long time. Is this thing spying on my Tumblr and Twitter? I think it might be..... :-0


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