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Goooodmorning GT

I hope you guys are having a good day so far!

When my human got home from work this morning we went and had breakfast at the Great American Bagle, and we came home and I gave him snuggles so he could fall asleep. It was awesome! Even Feonore joined in.


Then I got to work and one of the contracting companies that we work with is refusing to pay us, and it's making me mad. Their job was worth over 4K and we did the work over 2 weeks ago. I hope they're excited to get calls from me 10 times a day until they pay! Fuckers.

There's an older couple that was in my showroom today and the man kept coming around my desk to look at my computer while I gave them a quote. He wanted to see the real prices, because he knows we charge extra! Uh, yeah it's a fucking business. His wife kept getting pissed off at him for not remembering anything I said to him. It made me kinda sad.

On the bright side, I finished my shopping! I even came home last night and wrapped them all and put them under my tree. I'll post a picture later. Now I'm going to sip my blueberry cinnamon coffee and lurk around GM.

What's going on witchu guise today?

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