Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How are we, are we well? Are we coping with NuKinja? Are we already making plans for the weekend? Do these plans involve wine?

Inquiring (/nosy) minds want to know.

This morning, my coworker apologised for being a bit of a twat yesterday afternoon. Well, that's more or less what he said without actually saying "I was an insensitive twat yesterday, and I'm sorry". Anyway, this apology meant a lot and motivated me to GET SHIT DONE TODAY YAAAAAS. So less GT noodling (boo!) but more actually working and ticking things off my to do list (yay!). I had an amazing Moroccan chicken salad for lunch and I've got a huge pack of Custard Creams to sustain me past the 3pm slump, and I'm deliberating ordering a takeaway for dinner, imbibing a glass of wine the size of my face, and maybe taking a long hot bath with Fraiser on Netflix. Long live Fridays!


What about you? How is your Friday treating you so far? Are you making plans for the evening or have you not reached that point yet?

Tell me about your Fridays!

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