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Gooooooood Moooooooorning Grouptaaaaaaaaalk

That's a Robin Williams reference. I may be dating myself here. A few times a week, we will be doing a review of Backtalk links and things you may enjoy! Come by, I'm pandering this week. Definitely read Clio's great story about Cumia's defense of his tweets. He blames gawker. It is so meta.

But we have other things! Really. Woobie the Lock an image from Bansky about the end of the World Cup.


Korben posted something about Snail Sex, which is hot, if you are a snail.

And I'm a little teapot, short, wrote about the best porn, food porn. Ok, there is other good porn but still, Food Porn is pretty awesome. CILANTRO!


Our theme of the week is Nic Cage. Why? Because it's hilarious. And something something representation of post-modernism.

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