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Goose Attack Support Group

Share your goose attack survival stories.

This post was inspired by the fact that I am afraid of geese but still found this funny, because I am a terrible person with a mean streak:


And this story from HappyBerry:

People getting attacked by geese is always funny. One of my most amusing childhood memories is of my brother running across our lawn with a goose behind him with a firm grip on the back of his nightshirt. We had a pond by our house with a breeding pair of geese, and were getting one of the babies out of our dogs sunken water bowl. At least my brother distracted him so my mom and I could fill the bowl and the baby could get out.

My story: I was once almost stranded in Upstate New York because a monster goose physically prevented me from getting to my bus on time. I had taken a Greyhound from SF to the East Coast by myself and this was by far my most harrowing experience. I had to change buses and had a half-hour in between, so I bought a hot dog and strolled to a local park. A goose appeared like a damn dinosaur and started chasing me down, biting me hard several times. It cornered me outside some public restrooms.

It finally just grabbed my hot dog from my hands (I didn’t realize that was what it wanted.) It ate it and still wouldn’t let me pass until a dog barked nearby and I was able to haul ass out of there while it was distracted.


Canadians, I suspect you will shine in this one.

ETA: I will also accept plover attack stories because damn, Australia.

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